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Business Climate/ Governance

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#6 Business Climate

Business Climate/Governance: Overview

The business climate in Olds is quite favourable, with a diverse range of industries and a supportive local government. The town is home to a number of small and medium-sized businesses, including manufacturing, agriculture, and service-based industries.
Olds is committed to fostering a business-friendly climate that encourages entrepreneurship and growth. The town provides a range of economic development services, including business counselling and support, entrepreneurship assistance, investor attraction, and access to training and education.

The Town also has a Business Retention and Expansion Program that works to retain existing businesses and attract new investment to the area.

Property Taxes: Municipal

In 2023, the Town of Olds total non-residential tax rate is .01202526. This rate includes:

In 2023, The Town of Olds total residential tax rate is 0.0059511. This rate includes:

Education Tax: This amount is collected by the Town of Olds and paid directly to the Province of Alberta for maintenance and development of the school system. The amount of school funds paid by each Municipality is based on population and the tax base and is set by the Alberta Government. All Municipalities must collect and forward these funds.
Senior’s Requisition: This amount is collected by the Town of Olds and paid directly to Mountain View Seniors Housing to help pay for seniors' housing in our area.

Corporate Taxes: Provincial

Alberta’s corporate tax rate of 8%, making the combined federal/provincial rate of 23%. This is the lowest tax rate in Canada and is among the lowest corporate tax rates in North America.
This makes Olds and region one of the most attractive regions in North America for investors to locate.

Available provincial tax credits:

Corporate Taxes: Federal

Federal corporate income tax rate is 15% for general business and 9% for small business with revenues below $500,000.
Combined federal and provincial corporate income tax rate in Alberta is 23% (15% federal and 8% provincial) for general businesses and 11% (9% federal and 2% provincial) for small businesses with revenues below $500,000.

Available federal tax credits:

Advantages: Taxes / Governance

Other advantages:

FAQ: Investing in Olds, Alberta

Invest Olds is a comprehensive resource for businesses and investors interested in the vibrant community of Olds, Alberta. We provide essential information for anyone looking to invest in this thriving region.

What is the process for investing in Olds?

Investors are served by an Investor Concierge, a Technical Readiness Team (TRT), and a Development Investment Readiness Tech Team (DIRTT) who streamline the investment process. Your Concierge assists with each step of the process from regulation to ribbon cutting we are here for you. Invest Olds stimulates investment through a host of incentive programs to make an investment not only easy but viable.

Are there incentives or grants available?

Yes, stimulating economic growth and investment is the main priority of Invest Olds. The Town of Olds offers tax incentives for residential and commercial and industrial development. The provincial and federal governments have implemented several stimulus programs to support the growth of business in Olds. See our Stimulus page.

Are the regulatory processes and costs business-friendly?

Yes, streamlined regulatory processes are one important advantage for Olds and this backstopped with some of the lowest municipal taxes and development fees in Canada sets Olds above all others.

Incentives & Programs: Supporting Business Growth in Olds, Alberta

Boost Your Business: Incentives and Programs for Success