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Olds College of Agriculture & Technology: #4 in Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges!

In addition to being ranked number four overall in the country, Olds College was listed nationally as number two for college research intensity (dollar per researcher) and number eight for college research income growth. In the small tier college category, Olds College made the top 10 for research partnerships and paid student researchers, and is number 11 for completed research projects.

#4 Research &

Research & Innovation: Overview

Olds has become a hub for research and innovation thanks to the presence of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. The town’s strategic location at the heart of the Smart Agri-Food Corridor — a research cluster focused on developing new technologies for the agriculture and food sector — provides researchers, innovators and producers with access to a wealth of resources and expertise.
Olds College is one of Canada's Top 10 Research Colleges with 3,600 acres for applied research activities and work-integrated learning opportunities for students. The college is a globally renowned leader in research and innovation generating revenues of over $85 million to date. Olds College Centre of Innovation and Smart Farm are accelerating the development and adoption of technologies and practices that result in improved productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the agriculture and agri-food industry through industry-driven applied research.

Olds College offers a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs in areas such as agriculture, ag technology, horticulture, animal science and business. The college has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality education and hands-on skills, and is highly regarded by employers. Through applied research activities and work-integrated learning, Olds College is proud to be Canada’s Smart Agriculture College.

Groundwork: Research & Development

Olds’ commitment to research and development has resulted in a strong and vibrant innovative ecosystem with institutions and organizations working together to drive economic growth and create new opportunities. Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, in particular, has established itself as a leader in applied research and innovation to accelerate the development and adoption of technologies and practices to advance agriculture. Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) provides a range of services to support entrepreneurs and businesses including access to funding, mentorship and facilities. OCCI has been instrumental in commercializing innovative products and technologies in the core areas of crop production, livestock production, environmental stewardship, cereal breeding and technology integration. This has helped establish Olds as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Olds College is accelerating the development and adoption of smart agricultural technologies across Canada by leading the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network. This collaborative network of Smart Farms is committed to sharing data and expertise that will help farmers, industry and creators better understand, use and develop smart agricultural technologies in Canada.

The town's strategic location at the heart of the Smart Agri-Food Corridor has also been a key factor in its success, providing researchers and innovators with access to a wealth of resources and expertise in the agri-food sector. Overall, the town of Olds has created a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship that has helped to drive innovation and economic growth, making it a dynamic and innovative place to conduct research and development.

Foundations: O-NET

O-NET is a fiber-optic network owned and operated by the Town of Olds in Alberta. Its creation was driven by a desire to create a connected community where residents and businesses have access to high-quality fiber-optic technology. With over a decade in the making, O-NET provides a wide range of advantages to the Town's residents, businesses, and municipal facilities, including the latest high-definition television features, fully customizable telephone systems, and mass storage.
The town of Olds is proud to be the owner and operator of O-NET, a fiber-optic network that is available to every resident, business, and municipal facility in the area. O-NET is the result of years of hard work and dedication to creating a connected community that has access to the latest and most advanced technology. With O-NET, the town of Olds offers the highest quality internet services in the industry, customizable telephone systems, and mass storage.

If you're a resident or business in Olds, Alberta, you'll enjoy numerous benefits from O-NET, including the following:

FAQ: Investing in Olds, Alberta

Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is recognized as one of Canada's top 10 research colleges and a key competitive advantage for the agriculture industry.

What types of agriculture research is the College doing?

The College has over 95 applied research projects to date. They are focused on autonomous agriculture equipment, data sensors, regenerative agriculture, and technology development and validation.

What programs does the College offer?

Agriculture, horticulture, land and environment management, animal science, food production, business, trades, and apprenticeships.

Will the College train my employees?

The College works with businesses to assess training needs and source options for available programming. Short courses, distance learning, evening classes, and online programs are offered to meet business needs.

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