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Human Capital: Overview

Olds, Alberta is a town located in the central region of the province of Alberta, Canada. Olds is a small town becoming a city, with about 9.5K locals and 42K people in the region. It has a strong community focus.

One of the major strengths lies in its human capital – its people. Olds has a highly skilled and educated workforce, which is a significant asset for businesses in the area.

Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is a highly regarded school in the area. It offers various programs in agriculture, business, and health.

These programs include certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Approximately, 2000 students attend the College annually. Employers in the area highly regard the college for delivering high-quality education and having a strong reputation.

Olds is also home to several public and private schools that provide a quality education to the next generation of workers. The Town also has a diverse and multicultural population, providing businesses with access to a broad range of perspectives and experiences. The people in Olds, Alberta are a valuable resource for businesses. They are skilled and diverse, which helps businesses grow and innovate.

Workforce: Resident Profile

The Resident Profile for Olds, Alberta is a useful tool for anyone looking to understand the demographics of the local population. According to the most recent data, the population of Olds is 9.5K. 

Approximately 5,000 workers actively participate in employment, resulting in a local and regional participation rate of 71.7%. The main job sectors in Olds are retail, construction, and mining. The public sector is also a significant employer in the community and region. Regionally, retail trade, construction, and manufacturing are the top three employers.  

The current unemployment rate in Olds is 9.8% while the region is 6.0%. While impacts of Covid are still real the town has seen steady population growth and new business starts in recent years.

Olds also offers an educated workforce with 59% (Town of Olds) and 58.3% (region) holding some postsecondary education. More than 20% of people in Olds have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, while in the region it is 16.8%. In Olds, 2.7% have a Masters or higher, compared to 2.2% in the region. 

Popular jobs in Olds and surrounding areas include sales, trades, transportation, education, law, government services, business, finance, agriculture, and health. 

Olds has access to over 2,000 students through Olds College of Agriculture and Technology and approximately 165K students attending other colleges and universities in Alberta.

Dedicated woman employer engaging in direct labour on the farm.
Town of Olds CAO emphasizing the importance of investment attraction to Olds, Alberta.

FAQ: Investing in Olds, Alberta

Invest Olds is a comprehensive resource for businesses and investors interested in the vibrant community of Olds, Alberta. We provide essential information for anyone looking to invest in this thriving region.

What are the top industries in Olds, Alberta?

While the public sector is a key employer in the community and region retail trade, construction, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction are the top employment sectors in the Town of Olds. Regionally, accommodation and food services, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and construction are the top three employers.

Education is one of our leading industries with Olds College of Agriculture and Technology. One of Canada’s top 10 research and innovation centres. A leading Institution in the fields of Agriculture and new technologies.

What is the process for investing in Olds?

Investors are served by an Investor Concierge, a Technical Readiness Team (TRT), and a Development Investment Readiness Tech Team (DIRTT) who streamline the investments process. Your Concierge assists with each step of the process from regulatory to ribbon cutting we are here for you. Invest Olds stimulates investment through a host of incentive programs to make an investment not only easy but viable.

What is the process for starting a business?

Invest Olds supports local business and encourages entrepreneurship by connecting new entrepreneurs to our network of services offering the latest in training, funding, and business development programs. Check out our business and entrepreneur resources page.

What makes Olds a great place to live and work?

Olds is a welcoming and vibrant community with a high quality of life. The town is home to a variety of amenities, including parks, recreation facilities, and cultural events, as well as excellent schools and healthcare services. Additionally, Olds is located in a beautiful natural setting, with easy access to the mountains and other outdoor recreational activities. For businesses, Olds offers a supportive and innovative environment, with access to top talent and cutting-edge research and development facilities.

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