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The Real MVP – Powering Community and Affordability 

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The Real MVP – Powering Community and Affordability 

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Mountain View Power

The Real MVP – Powering Community and Affordability 

Your Utility Bill Can Power Community Initiatives 

When most people think of their utility bills, they think of big names like ATCO, Fortis, and Direct Energy. However, Albertans have a choice of who they purchase from – and have a home-grown option with a mission to invest proceeds back in the community: Mountain View Power (MVP). 

MVP has been operating for over ten years and is focused on enhancing the sustainability and well-being of the community of Olds, by providing Competitive Rate offerings for utilities funding local initiatives with the earnings.

MVP features competitive rates for electricity and natural gas to homes, apartments, farms, and commercial businesses across Alberta. While most people across Alberta can purchase their utilities through MVP, the proceeds stay in Mountain View County, where they are used to develop and enrich our community in Olds and surrounding areas. 

Energy affordability has been a topic of great concern for seniors. The Town of Olds, through MVP, offers reduced rates to seniors to help keep the lights on without breaking the bank.  

Let’s explore MVP’s offerings, and how switching to MVP benefits you and our region at the same time. 

Mountain View Power - power lines in the evening with amazing views of Mountain View County.

Affordable Electricity and Natural Gas 

MVP offers a comprehensive range of energy services tailored to meet the needs of Albertans. Customers can choose from fixed or variable electricity and natural gas plans, designed to cater to different consumption levels and preferences.  

Energy Solutions for People, Businesses, and Farms: 

  • Individuals: Whether residing in town or on an acreage, MVP provides residential electricity and natural gas rates that balance cost-efficiency with the high demand of modern living. 
  • Businesses:  Access specialized plans that support the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta’s diverse business landscape. 
  • Farms: MVP offers tailored solutions for farm electricity and natural gas rates, designed to power the essential operations that feed our communities and drive the economy. 

Solar Club™ Loyalty Program – Illuminating Sustainability 

With increasing interest in green energy initiatives, the Solar Club™ Loyalty Program offers a suite of exclusive benefits for small solar micro-generators.  

The program includes: 

  • Special Rates: Micro-generators enjoy exclusive electricity rates, encouraging the generation and transmission of solar energy. 
  • Flexible Rate Plans: With the ability to switch between High and Low Export Rates, members can adapt to seasonal changes in energy generation and consumption without any penalties. 
  • 10% Renewable Incentive: MVP proactively greens the grid by offsetting up to 10% of the imported electricity, at no extra cost. 
  • Cash Back Rewards: Annually, members receive a 2% cash back on all energy imported from the grid, fostering a rewarding energy partnership. 

Solar panels and a farmer who is using Mountain View Power and enjoys the solar energy that powers his farm and electronics.

Building Your Plan – A Customized Approach 

MVP understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to energy consumption. With an array of rate options for residential, business, and farm plans, each with a transparent administration fee, customers can build an energy solution that aligns with their usage patterns and budgetary expectations. In the spirit of choice and flexibility, MVP offers portable Wi-Fi service which extends the promise of connectivity to those in remote or rural areas. 

In choosing MVP, you’re selecting a partner committed to providing competitive and flexible energy solutions that support individual preferences, business growth, and agricultural prosperity, all while fostering a sustainable future for Olds. 

Price Advantages & Switch Process 

MVP is distinguished by its competitive pricing structure and customer-centric financial incentives. One key feature is the Prudential charge system, a small upfront fee that secures lower rates for customers but also offers a 5% annual interest credited to their bills.  

Seniors, if you’re concerned about your utility bills, call Mountain View Power today: (877) 403-0259. MVP has low, fixed rates that can help you lower your energy bills and protect you from the intimidating swings of the regulated rate option.   Switching to MVP is designed to be an effortless and transparent process. Prospective customers will speak to a representative who can verify their address can be serviced, then undergo a simple credit check to ensure eligibility. Customers can choose the plan that works best for them and will be offered an opportunity to put down a small deposit, called a “Prudential”, to reduce rates further. This is usually $100 for individuals and is held with interest, which gets credited back annually. The power and gas continue to be delivered to your home or business during the switch to MVP; your existing power and gas lines are still used without the need for construction. 

MVP takes pride in offering a pricing structure designed to provide stability and peace of mind.  

Commercial and Agricultural Power Availability 

One of the most important factors in choosing the site for your new endeavour is energy availability. Rest assured, not only does MVP offer plans for high-usage consumers, but The Town of Olds also provides investment concierge services. If you’re beginning site selection, or considering expanding in our region, reach out to our Economic Developer Officer to find out more about utility availability, in addition to the numerous competitive advantages The Town provides.  

Mountain View Power's powerlines in agricultural fields in Olds, Alberta.

Profits Back to the Community: A Deeper Dive 

MVP reinvests all profits back into the Olds community, a commitment that has translated into substantial support for numerous local projects and initiatives. This reinvestment strategy has seen MVP allocate significant grant funds to vital community endeavours: 

  • Olds Legion received a grant of $30,000 for crucial roof repairs, ensuring the continuation of a community hub for veterans, service clubs, and key community events. 
  • Boys and Girls Club of Olds and Area was awarded $30,000 to construct additional childcare spaces and support renovations, addressing the community’s need for safe, supportive environments for youth development. 
  • Uptowne Olds benefited from a $12,000 grant towards beautification and safety initiatives, enhancing the area’s appeal as a living, working, and shopping destination, including installing LED lights for streetlights and introducing new parking strategies to improve safety and accessibility. 
  • Olds Curling Club received a generous grant of $35,000, enabling the acquisition of netting for the ice surface. This significant improvement opens the door for a diverse range of local groups, including minor baseball, minor softball, minor lacrosse, minor soccer, and pickleball clubs, to utilize the curling club floor space during the off-season.
  • Olds Fashioned Christmas was awarded $5,000 towards the Undercover Elf event, held December 8, 2023, at the Community Connections Centre. This charming community event offered children aged three to twelve a unique opportunity to select and wrap gifts, spreading joy and the spirit of giving among the younger members of the Olds community.
  • Mountain View Nordic Club benefited from a $10,000 grant to assist in the purchase of a snow machine. This investment will significantly enhance the club’s ability to maintain and improve its ski trails, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for Nordic skiing enthusiasts.

By financing these initiatives, MVP ensures that its profits are directly channelled into enhancing the community’s social, cultural, and economic landscape.  

Mayor of the Town of Olds is giving $5000 to Olds Fashioned Christmas from Mountain View Power.

Marketing Associate Opportunity 

MVP offers more than just energy services; it’s also creating jobs in the region. MVP is currently looking for Marketing Associates, who can work from home.  Are you interested in a role that allows you to work as much or as little as you want, within a mission-driven organization that directly impacts the Olds community?  

Find out more about the opportunity here

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