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Olds & District Chamber Of Commerce: Nurturing Business Growth and Community Spirit

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Olds & District Chamber Of Commerce: Nurturing Business Growth and Community Spirit

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Doug Rieberger - the president of Olds & District Chamber of Commerce

Olds & District Chamber Of Commerce: Nurturing Business Growth and Community Spirit

In an engaging dialogue with Doug Rieberger, President of the Olds & District Chamber Of Commerce, we delve into the essence and impact of the Chamber on the business landscape and community of Olds. Doug, a dedicated member of the Chamber board and a local business owner shares his insights and experiences, shedding light on the pivotal role the Chamber plays.

A Legacy of Community and Business Advocacy

Doug Rieberger, with years of service as the Chamber President and a deep-rooted history in the local business community, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. “We’ve been [Ultimate Safety Alberta Ltd.] a member of the Chamber since 2000,” Doug recalls, emphasizing the long-standing commitment to the Chamber’s mission of fostering a vibrant business environment in Olds.

Evolving Through Challenges

The Chamber has seen significant evolution, adapting to the needs of its members and the wider community, especially in response to recent challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. “When COVID hit, that really took a back step for us,” Doug acknowledges. However, he highlights the resilience and adaptability of the Chamber, “Since then, we’ve been able to grow, reconnecting with the business community through different programs and our networking events.”

The Power of Advocacy and Networking

Doug stresses the importance of advocacy, “One thing a lot of people don’t realize is the advocacy aspect of the Chamber.” The Chamber serves as the voice of business at local, provincial, and federal levels, ensuring that the interests of the business community are represented and heard.

Empowering Businesses with Targeted Programs

The Chamber’s commitment to supporting its members is evident in its diverse range of programs. Doug elaborates on the Member-to-Member program, designed to promote local shopping and mutual support among businesses. “This program allows Chamber members to offer incentives for people to shop locally,” Doug explains, underlining the program’s role in bolstering the local economy.

Additionally, Doug highlights the Chamber Plan, a health insurance program that aggregates small businesses into a larger group plan, offering more favourable rates and benefits. This, along with discounts on shipping, gas programs, and access to online management courses, showcases the Chamber’s dedication to addressing the varied needs of its members.

A New Digital Frontier: Chamber Market

A noteworthy innovation is the Chamber Market, an online platform developed by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce. “This allows businesses to utilize that…for smaller businesses, it can be very beneficial,” Doug points out, emphasizing the platform’s role in enhancing the online presence and sales opportunities for local businesses, especially in the wake of the pandemic’s push towards digital transformation.

An Invitation to Connect and Grow

Doug’s message to current and potential Chamber members is one of invitation and opportunity. “Let us sit down with you, see how we can help you…give us a chance, and we’ll try,” he encourages, emphasizing the Chamber’s role as a catalyst for connection, support, and advocacy within the business community.

Through Doug Rieberger’s insights, the Olds & District Chamber Of Commerce emerges as a cornerstone of the Olds community, dedicated to nurturing business growth, fostering connections, and championing the interests of its members. It stands as a key player in support, advocacy, and innovation, inviting businesses to join and benefit from its extensive network and resources.

Olds & District Chamber of Commerce event "Small Business Awards".
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