The Tire Shop in Olds: A Staple of Community Support and Quality Service

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The Tire Shop in Olds: A Staple of Community Support and Quality Service

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A friendly tire shop owner posing for a photo, with shelves of tires and shop equipment visible in the background.

The Tire Shop in Olds: A Staple of Community Support and Quality Service

Exterior view of a busy tire shop, with various types of tires displayed prominently in the front.

In the heart of Olds, a town known for its sense of community and growth, sits an iconic establishment that has been serving the people since 1975 – The Tire Shop. It is a family-run business that has established its roots in the local landscape and remains a trusted and reliable provider of tire services and automotive repairs.

A Legacy Built on Family Values

The Tire Shop was initiated by a hardworking couple who saw a need within their community. With a passion for the auto industry, they started the business, which is now in its third and largest location. Their son took over the operations, applying his decades of experience raised behind the counter, to keep the wheels of this beloved local business turning.

Customer Service at the Heart of Success

One cannot speak about the Tire Shop without touching upon its exceptional customer service. Respect for customers is a fundamental pillar of their success, a trait passed down through the generations. Their aim is to make everyone feel like a friend, extending their services to a diverse clientele that includes local farmers and families alike.

A staff member focused on fixing a damaged tire using professional tools.

Community Support and Local Employment

The Tire Shop is not only a business entity but also a part of the Olds community fabric. They believe in reciprocating the support they receive from the community by investing back into local clubs, sports teams, and other community endeavors. Their workforce is a mix of local and out-of-town employees, all contributing to the growth of the town and business.

The tire shop team posing together, ready to service customers' vehicles.

Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Achievements

The journey has not always been smooth, but through challenges like workforce shortages during the oilfield boom, the Tire Shop has emerged stronger. They strive to maintain a comfortable and supportive environment for their staff, some of whom have been with the company for over a decade.

Broad Range of Services Offered

The Tire Shop provides a diverse range of services that extend beyond tire-related needs. They are a one-stop shop offering automotive mechanical services with a focus on quality and efficiency. A strong belief in community support fuels their mission to serve their customers, who return their support by choosing the Tire Shop for their automotive needs.

Image displaying several business cards from a tire shop, showcasing their logo, contact information, and business address.

Embracing Competition and Focusing on Improvement

Competition has never deterred the team at the Tire Shop. Instead, they welcome it as a motivation to maintain a high-quality service level and continue focusing on their own growth and improvement. The Tire Shop’s success lies in its commitment to care for its ‘house’ rather than peering into others.

Inviting Community Support

The Tire Shop encourages the people of Olds and surrounding communities to support local businesses. They firmly believe that community support is the backbone of local businesses’ success and survival. Their doors are always open to new and returning customers, inviting them to experience quality service and community camaraderie.

The company truck of a tire shop parked in front, prominently displaying the shop's logo.
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