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Olds, Alberta Profiled Internationally

Business View Magazine is a leading publication that focuses on showcasing successful communities, businesses, economic trends, and innovative ideas across various industries. The magazine features insightful articles and interviews with business leaders, providing readers with valuable insights into the latest developments in the business world.

In its March 2023 issue, Business View Magazine featured an article on Olds, Alberta, highlighting the town’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and growth. Moreover, the article provides a comprehensive overview of how Olds is becoming a target for investment, highlighting the town’s initiatives to support local businesses and attract new investment.

The article also discusses the town’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on the Olds College of Agriculture & Technology Centre for Innovation. According to Springwood Developments, a large commercial developer in Alberta, “Olds is one of the smallest markets we are in, and yet, on our renewals, we’re garnering rates that are similar to larger communities because business is there. Because it’s a regional service area, these businesses can get the traffic that they need to do well here and stay long term and look to 25 years in business in the same location.” With a supportive environment for local businesses and a strategic location that offers access to a broad customer base, Olds is a great place to invest and grow your business.

Overall, the article provides a detailed look into Olds’ business community and its efforts to promote economic growth and sustainability. Business View Magazine’s coverage of Olds showcases the town’s strengths and potential, highlighting the opportunities available for businesses looking to invest in the area.

Link to the article is here.

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