On the Horizon: Olds, Alberta Prepares for Residential Development Surge

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On the Horizon: Olds, Alberta Prepares for Residential Development Surge

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Olds, Alberta - a hotbed for imminent residential development

On the Horizon: Olds, Alberta Prepares for Residential Development Surge

Aerial view of Olds, Alberta, showcasing its strategic location and robust infrastructure

In the ever-evolving world of residential land development, Olds is leading the way with its proactive approach. The town is actively assessing residential demand to provide key data that will support the needs of investors and builders. This initiative to offer strategic insights and data-driven proof of the viability of residential development in Olds is set to be unveiled soon, further enhancing Olds’ position as an attractive location for development.

Educational Excellence Fuels Growth

Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is a primary growth catalyst for the town. The institution has been experiencing consistent growth, with the student population increasing annually. The influx of students creates a vibrant demographic mix, boosting the demand for a variety of housing options and making Olds an attractive proposition for residential development.

Olds College campus - a cornerstone of Olds' vibrant community and key driver of population growth
Olds College. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Digital Connectivity: O-Net and Mountain View Power

Olds’ infrastructure readiness sets it apart. The town boasts the first community-owned fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network in Canada, known as O-Net. Complementing this digital edge is Mountain View Power, a local energy provider offering competitive energy solutions, contributing to Olds’ self-sufficient and sustainable profile. These infrastructural strengths are key selling points to tech-oriented businesses, remote workers, and home buyers further driving up housing demand.

Diverse Demographics: A Rich Melting Pot

A growing diversity in the town’s population is another factor that adds to the appeal of Olds. A steady increase in immigrant populations enriches the community fabric and further increases the demand for various housing options. The presence of students from diverse backgrounds and a multicultural mix further enhances Olds’ profile as an attractive destination for residential development.

Snapshot of the diverse demographic mix in Olds, Alberta
Uptown Olds, Alberta at sunset.

Strategic Location: The QE2 Advantage

Lastly, but crucially, is Olds’ strategic location along the bustling Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) highway. The QE2 corridor, catering to an impressive daily traffic count of over 100,000 vehicles, offers a considerable commuting population. This is not just advantageous for distribution of goods and services, but also establishes Olds as part of a larger commuter shed. Those working in Olds but residing in Calgary or Airdrie now have the option to live closer to their place of work, indicating a significant potential market for residential development.

Incentives and Streamlined Processes: Olds Rolls Out the Red Carpet

In addition to all the factors listed above, Olds provides incentives for both residential and non-residential developments. These incentives, coupled with a streamlined investment process, makes it easy for developers to get their projects off the ground. What’s more, permits can be processed within one month, demonstrating Olds’ commitment to encouraging development and investment.


Olds, Alberta, with its proactive approach, growing educational institutions, robust infrastructure, increasing diversity, and strategic location, presents a unique proposition for residential land developers. All these elements align perfectly, setting the stage for Olds to become a hotbed for residential development.

Olds, Alberta's main street depicting the vibrant, growing community
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